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  H&R Block Business Forms - Estimated Release Dates
This table lists dates on which H&R Block Business expects to post forms approved for paper filing.

Estimated Release Date for Federal Forms Help
Form NameDescriptionCurrent StatusEstimated Approved
1041-NReturn for Alaska Native Settlement TrustsPending Approval3/14/2016
1041-TAllocation of Estimated Tax to BeneficiariesApprovedApproved
1042-S (2016)U.S. Source Income Subject to WithholdingNot Available4/1/2016
1065-BReturn of Income for Electing Large PartnershipApprovedApproved
1120-CIncome Tax Return for Cooperative AssociationsApprovedApproved
1120-LLife Insurance Company Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
1120-PCProperty and Casualty Insurance Company Tax ReturnNot Available2/23/2016
1120-REITIncome Return for Real Estate Investment TrustsNot Available3/14/2016
1120-RICIncome Tax Return Regulated Investment CompaniesPending Approval2/23/2016
2290, 2290-V (07/16)Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax ReturnDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
8288Dispositions by Foreign Persons of U.S. PropertyPending Approval3/5/2016
8288-BApplication for Withholding by Foreign PersonsPending Approval3/5/2016
8804-WInstallment Payments of Section 1446 TaxApprovedApproved
8865 w/ otherU.S. Foreign Partnership Return (w/ other entity)ApprovedApproved
8963Report of Health Insurance Provider InformationPending Approval3/14/2016
941-SS,941-V(SS) 16Employer's Quarterly Federal Return (Samoa, Guam)DraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
941-V (2016)Employer's Quarterly Federal Payment VoucherDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
941 (2016)Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax ReturnDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
941PR, 941V(PR) 16Planilla Para La Decl Fed Trimestral Del PatronoDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
CT-2 (2016)Employee Representative's Quarterly Railroad TaxNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
Sch A (8804)Penalty for Underpayment of Estimated Sec 1446 TaxNot Available3/3/2016
Sch M-3 (1120-L)Net Income (Loss) Recon for Life InsuranceNot Available3/14/2016
Sch M-3 (1120-PC)Net Income (Loss) Recon - Property/Casualty InsNot Available3/3/2016
W4SW-4S Request for Federal Income Tax from Sick PayNot Available3/14/2016

Estimated Release Date for ME Forms Help
Form NameDescriptionCurrent StatusEstimated Approved
ME 1041ES-MEEstimated Tax Payment Voucher for Estates/TrustsNot Available2/24/2016
ME 1041ME-EXTExtension Payment Voucher for Fiduciary Income TaxNot Available3/14/2016
ME 1120B-MEFranchise Tax Return for Financial InstitutionsNot Available3/14/2016
ME 801AProperty Claimed for 12 or Fewer YearsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
ME 801BProperty Claimed for More Than 12 YearsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
ME 941A-ME (2016)Amended Return of Maine Income Tax WithholdingNot Available3/14/2016
ME CICWCapital Investment Credit Worksheet for Tax YearNot Available3/14/2016
ME CRB (1120B)Franchise Combined Report for Unitary MembersNot Available3/3/2016
ME CrEduOppEmpEducational Tax Credit for EmployersApprovedApproved
ME JITCJobs and Investment Tax Credit WorksheetApprovedApproved
ME PTDZ WPine Tree Development Zone Tax Credit WorksheetApprovedApproved
ME QCCITCWQuality Child-Care Investment Tax Credit WorksheetNot Available3/3/2016
ME RETCResearch Expense Tax Credit WorksheetNot Available3/14/2016
ME Sch 2A (941A)Individual Employee/Payee/Withholding CorrectionsNot Available3/14/2016