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  H&R Block Business Forms - Estimated Release Dates
This table lists dates on which H&R Block Business expects to post forms approved for paper filing.

Estimated Release Date for Federal Forms Help
Form NameDescriptionCurrent StatusEstimated Approved
1065XAmended Return or Administrative Adjust RequestNot Available2/5/2015
1094-BTransmittal of Health Coverage Info ReturnsDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
1094-CTransmittal of Employer-Provided Health Ins OfferDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
1095-BHealth CoverageDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
1095-CEmployer-Provided Health Insurance Offer/CoverageDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
1116Foreign Tax Credit (Individual, Estate, or Trust)Draft2/2/2015
1116 AMTForeign Tax Credit Alternative Minimum TaxDraft2/2/2015
1120-CIncome Tax Return for Cooperative AssociationsNot Available2/2/2015
1120-FIncome Tax Return of Foreign CorporationDraft2/2/2015
1120-PCProperty and Casualty Insurance Company Tax ReturnNot Available2/2/2015
1120-RICIncome Tax Return Regulated Investment CompaniesNot Available2/2/2015
1120S Planner1120S Tax PlannerNot Available2/6/2015
2210-FUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by FarmersApprovedApproved
1041-ESEstimated Income Tax for Estates and TrustsNot Available2/2/2015
1041-QFTIncome Tax Return for Qualified Funeral TrustsNot Available2/6/2015
1041-TAllocation of Estimated Tax to BeneficiariesNot Available2/5/2015
1041 Planner1041 Tax PlannerNot Available2/6/2015
1042-S (2015)U.S. Source Income Subject to WithholdingNot Available2/2/2015
1045Application for Tentative RefundNot Available2/2/2015
1065 Planner1065 Tax PlannerNot Available2/6/2015
1065BReturn of Income for Electing Large PartnershipNot Available2/5/2015
2439Undistributed Long-Term Capital GainsApprovedApproved
3468Investment CreditDraft2/2/2015
3491Consumer Cooperative Exemption ApplicationNot Available2/5/2015
3520Annual Report of Certain Foreign GiftsNot Available2/2/2015
3520-AAnnual Return of Foreign Trust With a U.S. OwnerApprovedApproved
3520-A Page 3Foreign Grantor Trust Owner StatementApprovedApproved
3520-A Page 4Foreign Grantor Trust Beneficiary StatementApprovedApproved
4506-TRequest for Transcript of Tax ReturnNot Available2/5/2015
4720Certain Excise Taxes under IRC Chapters 41 and 42Not Available2/5/2015
5227Split-Interest Trust Information ReturnApprovedApproved
5884Work Opportunity CreditDraft2/2/2015
8274Churches Exemption from SS and Medicare TaxesNot Available2/5/2015
8281Publicly Offered Original Issue Discount ReturnNot Available2/5/2015
8404Interest on DISC Deferred Tax LiabilityApprovedApproved
8582Passive Activity Loss LimitationsApprovedApproved
8610Annual Low-Income Housing Credit Agencies ReportNot Available2/5/2015
8804Annual Return for Partnership Withholding TaxNot Available2/5/2015
8804-WInstallment Payments of Section 1446 TaxNot Available2/5/2015
8827Credit for Prior Year Minimum Tax - CorporationsDraft2/2/2015
8844Empowerment Zone Employment CreditDraft2/2/2015
8845Indian Employment CreditDraft2/2/2015
8865U.S. Foreign Partnership Return (stand alone)Not Available2/2/2015
8909Energy Efficient Appliance CreditApprovedApproved
941-SS,941-V(SS) 15Employer's Quarterly Federal Return (Samoa, Guam)Not AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
941-V (2015)Employer's Quarterly Federal Payment VoucherDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
941PR, 941V(PR) 15Planilla Para La Decl Fed Trimestral Del PatronoNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
990Return of Organization Exempt from Income TaxDraft2/6/2015
990-EZReturn of Organization Exempt from Tax - ShortDraft2/6/2015
990-PFReturn of Private FoundationDraft2/6/2015
990-TExempt Organization Business Income TaxDraft2/2/2015
990-WEstimated Tax on Unrelated Business Taxable IncomeNot Available2/2/2015
W4PW-4P Withholding Certificate for Pension / AnnuityNot Available2/5/2015
W4SW-4S Request for Federal Income Tax from Sick PayApprovedApproved
Sch A (8804)Penalty for Underpayment of Estimated Sec 1446 TaxApprovedApproved
Sch B (990/EZ/PF)Schedule of ContributorsApprovedApproved
Sch C (990/990EZ)Political Campaign and Lobbying ActivitiesApprovedApproved
Sch D (1120S)Capital Gains and Losses and Built-In GainsDraft2/2/2015
Sch K (1120-IC-DISC)Shareholder's Statement of IC-DISC DistributionsNot Available2/5/2015
Sch K1 (1065B)K-1 (1065B) Partner's Share of Income (Loss)Not Available2/5/2015
Sch M-3 (1120-L)Net Income (Loss) Recon for Life InsuranceNot Available2/5/2015
Sch M-3 (1120-PC)Net Income (Loss) Recon - Property/Casualty InsApprovedApproved
SS-8PRDeterminacion del Estado de EmpleoDraft2/28/2015
NOL WorksheetNet Operating Loss WorksheetDraft2/2/2015
Comparison (1041)1041 Prior Year ComparisonDraft2/2/2015
Comparison (1065)1065 Prior Year ComparisonDraft2/2/2015
Comparison (1120S)1120S Prior Year ComparisonDraft2/2/2015
CT-2 (2015)Employee Representative's Quarterly Railroad TaxNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency

Estimated Release Date for ME Forms Help
Form NameDescriptionCurrent StatusEstimated Approved
ME 1041MEIncome Tax Return for Estates and TrustsApprovedApproved
ME 1041ME-EXTExtension Payment Voucher for Fiduciary Income TaxNot Available2/5/2015
ME 1120B-ESEstimated Tax Voucher for Financial InstitutionsNot Available2/28/2015
ME 1120B-EXTExtension Payment Voucher for Franchise TaxNot Available2/28/2015
ME 2220MEUnderpayment of Estimated TaxNot Available2/5/2015
ME 801AProperty Claimed for 12 or Fewer YearsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
ME 801BProperty Claimed for More Than 12 YearsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
ME 901ES-MEPass-Through Entity W/H Quarterly Payment VoucherNot Available2/24/2015
ME 941A-ME (2015)Amended Return of Maine Income Tax WithholdingNot Available2/28/2015
ME CICWCapital Investment Credit Worksheet for Tax YearDraft2/28/2015
ME CrEduOppEmpEducational Opportunity Tax Credit for EmployersNot Available2/13/2015
ME JITCJobs and Investment Tax Credit WorksheetNot Available2/28/2015
ME PTDZ WPine Tree Development Zone Tax Credit WorksheetNot Available2/28/2015
ME QCCITCWQuality Child-Care Investment Tax Credit WorksheetNot Available2/28/2015
ME RETCResearch Expense Tax Credit WorksheetNot Available2/28/2015
ME REW-1-1040Real Estate Withholding Return- Transfer Real PptyNot Available2/28/2015
ME Sch 1040CComposite Filing of Tax for Nonresident OwnersNot Available2/28/2015
ME Sch 2A (941A)Individual Employee/Payee/Withholding CorrectionsNot Available2/28/2015
ME Sch NOL (1120ME)Net Operating Recapture Subtraction ModificationNot Available2/28/2015