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  H&R Block Business Forms - Estimated Release Dates
This table lists dates on which H&R Block Business expects to post forms approved for paper filing.

Estimated Release Date for Federal Forms Help
Form NameDescriptionCurrent StatusEstimated Approved
1040NRNonresident Alien Income Tax ReturnNot Available1/23/2017
1041-NReturn for Alaska Native Settlement TrustsPending Approval2/20/2017
1041-QFTIncome Tax Return for Qualified Funeral TrustsNot Available2/3/2017
1041-TAllocation of Estimated Tax to BeneficiariesNot Available2/3/2017
1041 Planner1041 Tax PlannerNot Available2/3/2017
1042-S (2017)U.S. Source Income Subject to WithholdingNot Available4/1/2017
1045Application for Tentative RefundNot Available1/23/2017
1065Return of Partnership IncomeApprovedApproved
1065-BReturn of Income for Electing Large PartnershipNot Available2/20/2017
1065 Planner1065 Tax PlannerNot Available2/3/2017
1066REMIC Income Tax ReturnNot Available2/3/2017
1120-CIncome Tax Return for Cooperative AssociationsNot Available1/29/2017
1120-FSCIncome Tax Return of Foreign Sales CorporationPending Approval2/20/2017
1120-LLife Insurance Company Income Tax ReturnNot Available2/20/2017
1120-PCProperty and Casualty Insurance Company Tax ReturnNot Available2/9/2017
1120-POLIncome Tax Return for Political OrganizationsDraft1/23/2017
1120-REITIncome Return for Real Estate Investment TrustsNot Available2/20/2017
1120-RICIncome Tax Return Regulated Investment CompaniesNot Available1/29/2017
1120-SFIncome Tax Return for Settlement FundsPending Approval2/11/2017
1120-W (Worksheet)Estimated Tax for CorporationsApprovedApproved
1120S Planner1120S Tax PlannerNot Available2/3/2017
1138Extension for Payment of Taxes for NOL CarrybackNot Available2/9/2017
2210Underpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedApproved
2220Underpayment of Estimated Tax by CorporationsDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
2290, 2290-V (07/17)Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax ReturnDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
2438Undistributed Capital Gains Tax ReturnPending Approval2/20/2017
2439Undistributed Long-Term Capital GainsNot Available2/9/2017
3468Investment CreditApprovedApproved
3520Annual Report of Certain Foreign GiftsNot Available1/23/2017
3520-AAnnual Return of Foreign Trust With a U.S. OwnerNot Available2/3/2017
3520-A Page 3Foreign Grantor Trust Owner StatementNot Available2/3/2017
3520-A Page 4Foreign Grantor Trust Beneficiary StatementNot Available2/3/2017
4255Recapture of Investment CreditPending ApprovalFinal Pending from Tax Agency
433-DInstallment AgreementPending Approval2/20/2017
4720Certain Excise Taxes under IRC Chapters 41 and 42Draft2/20/2017
6765Credit for Increasing Research ActivitiesDraft1/23/2017
7004Extension to File Business, Information, and OtherPending Approval1/23/2017
8404Interest on DISC Deferred Tax LiabilityNot Available2/20/2017
8508Waiver to File Information Returns ElectronicallyPending Approval2/20/2017
8752Required Payment or Refund Under Section 7519Not Available2/3/2017
8804Annual Return for Partnership Withholding TaxNot Available2/3/2017
8804-WInstallment Payments of Section 1446 TaxNot Available2/20/2017
8830Enhanced Oil Recovery CreditDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
8865U.S. Foreign Partnership Return (stand alone)Not Available2/9/2017
8865 w/ otherU.S. Foreign Partnership Return (w/ other entity)Not Available2/9/2017
941-SS,941-V(SS) 17Employer's Quarterly Federal Return (Samoa, Guam)Not AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
941-V (2017)Employer's Quarterly Federal Payment VoucherNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
941 (2017)Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax ReturnNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
941PR, 941V(PR) 17Planilla Para La Decl Fed Trimestral Del PatronoNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
990Return of Organization Exempt from Income TaxNot Available2/3/2017
990-EZReturn of Organization Exempt from Tax - ShortNot Available2/3/2017
990-PFReturn of Private FoundationNot Available2/3/2017
990-TExempt Organization Business Income TaxDraft1/23/2017
990-WEstimated Tax on Unrelated Business Taxable IncomeNot Available1/31/2017
Comparison (990)990 Prior Year ComparisonDraft1/23/2017
CT-2 (2017)Employee Representative's Quarterly Railroad TaxNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
I-9Employment Eligibility VerificationNot Available1/23/2017
NOL WorksheetNet Operating Loss WorksheetApprovedApproved
Sch A (8804)Penalty for Underpayment of Estimated Sec 1446 TaxNot Available2/20/2017
Sch A (990/990-EZ)Public Charity Status and Public SupportNot Available2/3/2017
Sch B (990/EZ/PF)Schedule of ContributorsNot Available2/3/2017
Sch C (990/990EZ)Political Campaign and Lobbying ActivitiesNot Available2/3/2017
Sch D (990)Supplemental Financial StatementsNot Available2/3/2017
Sch E (990/990EZ)SchoolsNot Available2/3/2017
Sch F (990)Statement of Activities Outside the USNot Available2/3/2017
Sch G (990/990EZ)Supplemental Fundraising or Gaming ActivitiesNot Available2/3/2017
Sch I (990)Grants and Other Assistance to OrganizationsNot Available2/3/2017
Sch J (990)Compensation InformationNot Available2/3/2017
Sch K (1120-IC-DISC)Shareholder's Statement of IC-DISC DistributionsNot Available2/20/2017
Sch K1 (1065B)K-1 (1065B) Partner's Share of Income (Loss)Not Available2/3/2017
Sch K1 (8865)K-1 Partner's Share of Income, Deductions, CreditsNot Available1/23/2017
Sch L (990/990EZ)Transactions with Interested PersonsNot Available2/3/2017
Sch M-3 (1120-L)Net Income (Loss) Recon for Life InsuranceNot Available2/20/2017
Sch M-3 (1120-PC)Net Income (Loss) Recon - Property/Casualty InsNot Available2/20/2017
Sch M (990)Noncash ContributionsNot Available2/3/2017
Sch N 990/990EZLiquidation, Term, Dissolution of AssetsNot Available2/3/2017
Sch O (8865)Transfer of Property to a Foreign PartnershipNot Available1/23/2017
Sch O (990/990EZ)Supplemental Information to Form 990 or 990-EZNot Available2/3/2017
Sch P (8865)Changes of Interests in a Foreign PartnershipNot Available1/23/2017
Sch Q (1120-IC-DISC)Borrower's Certificate of ComplianceNot Available2/9/2017
Sch R (990)Related Organizations and Unrelated PartnershipsNot Available2/3/2017
SSA-7050-F4Request For Social Security Earnings InformationPending Approval2/20/2017
W4PW-4P Withholding Certificate for Pension / AnnuityNot Available2/20/2017
W4SW-4S Request for Federal Income Tax from Sick PayNot Available2/20/2017
W8BENW-8BEN Certificate of Foreign Status of OwnerPending Approval2/20/2017
W8IMYW-8IMY Certificate of Foreign IntermediaryNot Available2/20/2017

Estimated Release Date for ME Forms Help
Form NameDescriptionCurrent StatusEstimated Approved
ME 1041ES-MEEstimated Tax Payment Voucher for Estates/TrustsNot Available1/23/2017
ME 1041MEIncome Tax Return for Estates and TrustsNot Available2/3/2017
ME 1120B-ESEstimated Tax Voucher for Financial InstitutionsApprovedApproved
ME 1120B-MEFranchise Tax Return for Financial InstitutionsNot Available2/20/2017
ME 1120ES-MEEstimated Tax Payment Voucher for CorporationsNot Available1/23/2017
ME 1120MECorporate Income Tax ReturnNot Available2/3/2017
ME 1120X-MECombined with Form ME 1120MENot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
ME 801AProperty Claimed for 12 or Fewer YearsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
ME 801BProperty Claimed for More Than 12 YearsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
ME 901ES-MEPass-Through Entity W/H Quarterly Payment VoucherNot Available2/20/2017
ME 941AF-MENonresident Member Affidavit / Agreement to ComplyPending Approval2/20/2017
ME 941CF-MENonresident Agreement to Participate in CompositePending Approval2/20/2017
ME 941P-MEPass-Through Entity Return of Income Tax WithheldNot Available2/3/2017
ME CICWCapital Investment Credit Worksheet for Tax YearNot Available2/3/2017
ME CRB (1120B)Franchise Combined Report for Unitary MembersApprovedApproved
ME CrEduOppEmpEducational Tax Credit for EmployersNot Available2/20/2017
ME INS-5Fire Investigation and Prevention Annual ReturnNot Available2/20/2017
ME Min Tx 1041 Sch AMinimum Tax Credit and Carryforward (Wkst 1041ME)Not Available2/3/2017
ME REW-1-1040Real Estate Withholding Return- Transfer Real PptyNot Available2/9/2017
ME Sch 1040CComposite Filing of Tax for Nonresident OwnersNot Available2/9/2017
ME Sch 2A (941A)Combined with Form ME 941-ME (2017)Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
ME Sch A (1041)Adjustments to TaxNot Available2/3/2017
ME Sch NR (1041)Income Schedule for Nonresident Estates and TrustsNot Available2/3/2017